The Internet Is Comparing Kamala Harris To The Vice President On "Veep," After A Clip Of Her Clapping Along To Protests Against Her Went Viral

The Internet Is Comparing Kamala Harris To The Vice President On "Veep," After A Clip Of Her Clapping Along To Protests Against Her Went Viral

The internet has been drawing parallels for months between Vice President Kamala Harris and fictional vice president Selina Meyer on HBO comedy show Veep, and the viral joke seems to be getting more accurate by the day.

Kamala laughing and holding a microphone, wearing a suit jacket
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Most recently, an awkward moment from Harris's trip to Puerto Rico has the internet cracking up.

Vice President Kamala Harris exits a vehicle with security detail and onlookers during an official visit
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Last Friday, Harris was seen exiting a community center in San Juan and was met with a six-person group chanting and playing instruments.

Group of people, including Kamala, watching a street performance with musicians playing drums
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In a now-viral clip seen by over 8.7 million people, Harris joyfully stops to observe the small group singing in Spanish.

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She seemingly assumes that they're celebrating her visit as she smiles and excitedly claps along for several moments.

Kamala and two other people conversing outside a building, with Kamala and one of the other people clapping
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"We want to know, Kamala, what did you come here for?" the protesters sing. "We want to know what you think of the colony," they continue. "Long live free Palestine and Haiti, too."

Group of people playing tambourines on a street
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After watching Harris clap along, Mariana Reyes, the community center's executive director — as identified by the Associated Press — leans toward the vice president and explains what the group is saying.

Kamala and the executive director and a man standing together
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It was at that moment that she realized...

Kamala looking at the executive director, with her hands clasped
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Harris immediately stops clapping and stands with her hands together, appearing uncomfortable.

Close-up of Kamala looking straight ahead
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People online have been roasting the clip, with one user writing, "This is an episode of VEEP and you can't tell me otherwise."

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"The funniest thing is how her aide, waited, let her do her little dance of hers and clap on that song before she translated the lyrics."

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***As noted above, this woman was later identified as the community center’s executive director.***

"I've never watched Veep, but I don't see how it could possibly compete with real life Kamala Harris anyway."

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This person wrote, "the gay man in me cannot resist the absolute allure of Kamala Harris. i'd follow her to hell and back, knowing full well we'd get lost and die."

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"I don't feel great about her odds in a general election for the presidency, but she has won the general election for my heart," another user wrote.

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Here's the full clip:

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