'Awkward' pup struggles to make friends at dog park: 'She wasn't sure how to fit in'

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Everybody wants to make friends, but not everyone knows exactly how. 

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Sometimes when you’re thrown into a big group, it can feel like it’s time to sink or swim. One border collie’s day at the dog park showed that making friends isn’t easy, even for animals. TikToker @bumitheborder took their parents’ dog out to socialize, but things got a little awkward for the eager canine who struggled to fit in. 

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“I took my parents’ dog to the dog park,” the pet owner wrote. “She’s mostly a house dog, so she’s not very familiar with making doggo friends. She wandered the park like this… trying to meet other pups.” 

The border collie watched as the other dogs ran around together in a pack. But she was always trailing behind. She never seemed to be able to grab the group’s attention. Yet as she followed, her tail wagged to signal she was still having a good time. 

At one point, all of the dogs playfully surrounded her as if to shower her with attention and cuddles. Then they all ran away, and she was left alone again. 

“She wasn’t sure how to fit in, but she was just so happy to be there,” @bumitheborder said. “My awkward, happy little pup.” 

The emotional and relatable video racked up 11.2 million views on TikTok.

“Why does this literally hurt my heart for her? She’s the new kid,” someone wrote

“I love her. This is how I also am in social settings,” another commented

“Visual representation of me trying to make friends,” a user said

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