B&M shoppers find 'great' secret app feature that can find items for 10p

The B&M app can reveal some proper bargains
-Credit: (Image: Paul Faith/PA)

B&M enthusiasts have been left stunned after discovering a lesser-known trick to unearth the cheapest deals, with some items reduced to a mere 10p. Customers have voiced their frustrations about not being able to locate these coveted discounts, which span from cleaning necessities to snug homeware.

One fortunate shopper even stumbled upon a pressure washer - ideal for sprucing up your garden in time for summer - slashed from £100 to just 10p. It's no surprise that it was dubbed the "bargain of the year".

B&M patrons swear by the B&M scanner app, which can be utilised to hunt down the bargains. However, one disgruntled customer took to social media to express her disappointment at not finding a "single thing" when using it in her local store.

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In response to her plea for advice and strategies, one astute shopper revealed a little-known method to locate them - leaving others taken aback. They advised: "On the B&M app, search for sale items, and put it in price order - you'll find everything in order of price starting the lowest therefore don't have to search everything that's what I do! " The B&M app is available to download for free on the app store on iPhone and Android.

It features a scanner which can be used in-store to scan the barcode, often unveiling significant markdowns. However, as the original poster discovered, they "must have scanned just about every item in store" without unearthing a 10p deal.

With this technique, instead of scanning, you can search "sale" which brings up all the items on sale. Arrange the list from lowest to highest and you'll uncover the items priced at 10p first.

You can then scout for the item in store. Shoppers shared their discovery of the cost-cutting trick.

One exclaimed: "no way! Just found some great deals! Thanks! ! Will be back tomorrow."

Another remarked: "What a great idea! ! Thanks! Will try that rn [right now]! ".

This also saves you time as there's no need to scan each item for bargains - though if there's a particular item you're on the hunt for or something catches your eye in store, it's still a good idea to give it a scan since not all items will be listed on the app.

Although snagging an item for 10p is likely unbeatable, it doesn't hurt to compare prices to ensure you're getting the best deal.