B&M shoppers left in stitches at rude-looking dog ornament

Shoppers saw the funny side of this B&M garden ornament
-Credit: (Image: Facebook)

Bargain hunters have been left in stitches after spotting a rude-looking ornament in B&M. The figurine, of a dog holding a lightbulb, is supposed to be completely innocent and help light up a garden.

Unfortunately for the porcelain pooch, the angle at which it is holding the light fixture has led to much amusement.

As reported in the Daily Star, after the darker side to the garden ornament was pointed out by one dirty-minded shopper, others said the can't "unsee" the X-rated feature.

The dog is standing on its hind legs holding the lightbulb, which is placed within a hole in the dogs body and being held between its paws.

Unfortunately, this makes it appear like the light source is part of the pooch's privates - and that it has a strong hold on the bulb.

It was eagle-eyed Claire O'Donohoe who first noticed the £7 figurine's flaw while doing a spot of shopping.

She shared a snap of the decoration in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, writing: “My eyes, my eyes. I can't unsee what I saw. Thanks B&M.”

Social media users flooded the comments section after seeing the hilarious image. One person giggled: “Rather bulbous puppy.”

Another said: “At least you will know when he's turned on." A third person replied: “You know I never saw them that way but every time I see them now I will.”

Someone else added: “Why would dogs be holding a light bulb what are they thinking?” Meanwhile, a fifth person chuckled: “Big bulb you have…”

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