'Baby! Baby! Baby!' US Troops Pull Infant Over Barbed-Wire-Topped Wall at Kabul Airport

American soldiers lifted an infant over a barbed-wire-topped wall at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport on August 19, as large numbers of Afghans remained outside the facility, hoping to evacuate from the country.

This footage, shared with Storyful by Omar Haidari, shows a baby being raised from out of a crowd at the airport to soldiers on the other side of a wall.

A soldier leans over to pick up the small child with one arm, handing them back to a nearby colleague. As the infant is passed back among armed personnel, American-accented voices can be heard saying, “Baby! Baby! Baby!”

On Friday, US President Joe Biden vowed to bring all remaining Americans in Afghanistan back to the United States. Following chaotic scenes at the airport after Kabul fell the Taliban, Pentagon authorities reported thousands of evacuations over the last week.

But tens of thousands more, including translators and other Afghans who assisted American troops, require evacuations. Journalists at Kabul’s airport on Friday said that no flights took off for many hours, raising questions about the speed of humanitarian efforts. Credit: Omar Haidari via Storyful

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