'Baby Boom!': Australian Safari Park Welcomes a Stampede of New Arrivals

An Australian safari park is celebrating a “baby boom”, welcoming what it called a stampede of new arrivals over the past week.

A Przewalski’s horse foal, an emu and a zebra foal were all born at Monarto Safari Park within the past seven days, Zoos South Australia said in a press release.

Those new arrivals join two giraffe calves, five addax calves, five eland calves, two cheetah cubs, four greater bilby joeys, one spotted hyena, and three African lion cubs which were also born at Monarto recently.

The director of the park, Peter Clark, said: “Spring is definitely here! Even the native animals around the park, like our resident emus, have had little ones running around."

Clark said more than 70 percent of species at the park are threatened in the wild. “It is incredibly special to see their numbers thriving,” he said. Credit: Zoos South Australia via Storyful

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