Baby Boy Dons Tiny Cap and Gown as He 'Graduates' From NICU

A baby boy who was born at just 22 weeks was discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, on August 21.

A video shared to the hospital’s Facebook page, shows five-month-old Cullen Potter “graduating” from the NICU, after spending 160 days in hospital. The infant dons a tiny cap and gown, which his mom Molli bought in a a Build-a-Bear store, according to local media.

According to a local report, Molli and her husband Robert tried 16 different hospitals before they found one that would take a chance on Cullen.

“If he was fighting, we were going to fight no matter what,” Robert said.

The footage, which has over eight million views at the time of writing, shows Cullen in the arms of one of the NICU’s nurses, while his parents can be seen proudly following the procession. Credit: USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital via Storyful