Baby Dies In Waiting Room: Dad Blames Hospital

Baby Dies In Waiting Room: Dad Blames Hospital

A father whose baby son died after being born in a hospital waiting room has told Sky News he believes his son might have survived if he had been given better care.

Steven Yorke and his partner Sara Proud went to Leicester Royal Infirmary on Sunday night when Sara realised she was in labour.

When they arrived they were told to wait in a side room with other expectant parents.

But 80 minutes later baby Kyle was born while Mr Yorke was trying to find help.

When two midwives did come to assist, the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck.

Kyle was quickly delivered and rushed off in the hope of being revived, but those attempts were unsuccessful.

Mr Yorke told Sky news: "It's numbing. We're not sleeping well, we're not eating well The slightest thing and we'll cry. Sara's not left the house at all.

"It's affected the children in a big way. What can you say? They've let us down.

"I actually believe they neglected us - they didn't give us the care we deserve and that's purely it."

Even after the birth, Sara was left to deliver the placenta in the waiting room and only realised Kyle had died when Mr Yorke found her and told her what had happened.

Leicester Royal Infirmary has admitted that mistakes were made.

Jane Porter, head of midwifery at Leicester's Hospitals said: "We are sorry and sad about the tragic death of Ms Proud's son.

"We have met with Sara and Steven and we will do so again when further investigations have taken place.

"It's clear that we should have seen Sara sooner, what's not clear is whether her baby died during or some time before the birth and only the post mortem will be able to answer that."

The family are now waiting for the result of the post mortem examination to discover whether Kyle could have been saved with better care.

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