A baby emu, goat, and goose have become the best of friends

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Adorable video shows a baby emu, goat, and goose that have become best friends at an animal centre.

The unlikely friendship began when the emu, Taz, was rejected by its parents and had to be hand-reared.

Taz quickly made other friends, six baby goats, including Alfred the kid, that were born around the same time.

And now there is a new addition to the unusual flock at Caenhill Countryside Centre in Devizes, Wiltshire - a goose chick named Wiggle.

Caroline Le Bourgeois, the charity's creative director, said: "Taz was hatched in an incubator.

"This little one here is Alfred and unfortunately his mum didn't have enough milk. 

"We started feeding him and Alfred thinks we are his parents so these two are best friends now because they spend all their time with us. 

"As you can see we don't force them to be here, they're here because they like each others company."

Despite the size difference between the three, they are all very protective over each other - and the goats allow Taz and Wiggle to weave in and out of their legs.

Adorable photos even show one of the goats giving Taz a gentle 'kiss' on his little black and white head.

Chris Franklin, who runs Caenhill Countryside Centre with his wife Ellie, said: "It's so lovely and wholesome to see them playing together.

"They seem to get on really well and have a special bond."