Baby Fruit Bat Snuggles With Mom in Sydney Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

A flying fox, a type of bat also known as a fruit bat, was able to spend time snuggling with her newborn baby at a rehabilitation center in Sydney, Australia, on November 3 as she continued to recover from a head injury that left her with one eye.

Sarah Curran, a licensed bat rescuer and educator, recorded this video and originally posted it to Instagram.

In the Instagram caption, Curran writes that despite the center’s best efforts, one of the bat’s eyes could not be saved, but she was otherwise fully recovered. The flying fox will need to demonstrate an “ability to navigate in the flight facility” in order to be released back into the wild.

But the best news, Curran wrote, was that the bat “finally gave birth to a gorgeous and healthy baby boy.”

Curran added, “Flying fox mums are the most incredible mothers, who share an intimate bond with their single newborn pup, who they will spend 4-6 months rearing.”

Curran cautioned her followers that these bats are not pets, but rather wild animals that should not be touched or handled by unvaccinated and untrained individuals. She urged her followers to call local wildlife rescue centers if they come across any bats that may be injured. Credit: @sarahsbats via Storyful