Baby hilariously humiliates mom in public restroom: ‘Why you gotta do this here’

TikToker and mom Morgan’s (@reptilianstorage) post of her baby embarrassing her while she’s in a public bathroom has viewers in stitches.

There’s no shortage of funny — and often embarrassing — moments when you’re a parent. Take it from Morgan, who recently posted a hilarious video of her baby “embarrassing” her in a public restroom by inadvertently making farting noises while blowing raspberries. Viewers were in hysterics over the hilarious misunderstanding.

The clip opens with a shot of Morgan’s daughter buckled in her stroller. With a bewildered, wide-eyed expression, the gurgling baby puffs out her cheeks and pouts her lips to blow bubbles while Morgan quietly giggles in the background.

Intrigued by this new skill, the baby continues blowing raspberries, each one sounding more flatulant than the one prior.

“I’m literally in a public restroom. Why you gotta do this here?” Morgan inquires with a string of laughing emojis.

In tandem with the sound progression, the baby’s facial expressions look sillier each time she smacks her tongue against her lips. As she continues to quietly cackle, Morgan zooms in on her daughter’s adorable-yet-goofy demeanor at the end of the video.

TikTokers couldn’t help but laugh, too

The comical sequence of events had viewers, especially parents, losing it.

“I love how you’re giggling because the people in the other stalls are probably so confused as to why you’re laughing at your own farts,” one user noted.

“Girl, my son told me I was making too much noise. Lol. The lady in the next stall laughed so hard she posted [to social media],” shared one parent.

“My son was potty training and one time we were in a stall and he said ‘Wow mommy you pooping good job,’ and proceeded to clap,” another mom recalled.

As Morgan demonstrates, having a sense of humor is sometimes the best way to handle embarrassing situations.

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