Baby monitor lizard captured after clinging to wall inside house in Thailand

A baby monitor lizard was rescued after being found clinging to a wall inside a house in Thailand. Footage shows the young reptile trying to climb as high as possible while rescuers tried to secure it with a pole in Trat province on April 24. House owner Nittaya Boonpraphapond was preparing lunch in the kitchen when she heard strange noises coming from the veranda of her house. When she went out she found the cheeky 3ft-long lizard climbing up her wall like it was searching for a way inside the house so she called the animal rescuers. Nittaya said it was the first time that a reptile was found in their neighbourhood so she did not know where it had come from. She said: ‘It was strange that a monitor lizard came to my house because I have never seen any of them in my neighbourhood.’ When the team arrived the reptile was still on the wall so they used a long pole with a noose at the end to catch it with. In less than 15 minutes the baby lizard was caught and was placed inside a sack to be released into the wild by the rescuers.