Baby names on brink of extinction for sounding too 'old man' in bad news for Barry

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You should be selecting a baby name that will suit your child throughout all stages of their life. Ever heard a baby's name and thought it would sound odd on an adult?

That's one of the biggest dilemmas many parents face when choosing a moniker for their little one, as it can be tempting to give them a name that matches their adorable chubby cheeks. But what happens when they're a 45 year old accountant, or when they reach retirement?

However, it seems there are also problems when it comes to giving your child a name that sounds too mature. One social media influencer has gone viral online for sharing some of the names he believes are "going extinct" - because they make children sound like old men.

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In a YouTube Shorts video shared by @ItalianBach, he joked that some names "just can't be breastfed" as they have an air of "creepy" old man about them which sounds peculiar when given to a baby. First on his list was Ian - as he said he should never have to hear someone named Ian say "goo-goo ga-ga", reports the Mirror.

Next up was Barry, as the man explained: "If I ever meet a baby Barry, I'm just pointing him to the nearest grill. Get grilling some meat, mate. Let me get that umbilical cord off for you, and off you pop. [The barbecue is] where they belong."

Other names predicted to become extinct include Graham, Susan, and Gary. In a humorous video, the man joked: "Susan should be wearing a nighty to bed, not a nappy. Susan should be shouting at Alexa, not crying for milk."

"Next up is Gary. No f***ing way am I cradling Gary. I'm not rocking Gary. But, I do have an extension that needs doing, him and the boys can come over [and build it]. If you decide on Gary, your child will be born with a hi-vis on. Gary will take the umbilical cord off himself."

The final name on the man's list was Gerald, who he suggested should "have a driver's licence" rather than learning to crawl and walk. He added: "Baby Gerald would find a way to give birth to you, you wouldn't give birth to him."

Viewers of the video were left in stitches by the man's jokes. Many agreed with his assessments. One person commented: "I'm convinced there are no babies with these names."

Another said: "All children with these names would pop out and immediately demand to speak to the manager! ". However, one viewer suggested that the names wouldn't disappear completely, as names often move in cycles.

They shared: "Names seem to go in 100-year cycles, so we can expect some baby Ians and Barbaras in about 2055. I suppose it's only when they're all dead and gone that we can stop associating them with middle-aged/old people and start using them again."

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