Baby Participates in Traditional Dance at Ochapowace First Nation Powwow

A video of a baby dancing at a powwow in Saskatchewan, Canada, has gone viral on TikTok.

Footage recorded on August 27 by Jared Ross Allary shows a baby dressed in traditional clothing at a powwow in Ochapowace First Nation. As his elders dance around him, the baby bounces in place while attached to a harness.

Allary told Storyful the video was recorded during a memorial dance. Her daughter, Lynne Bear, is a headwoman and elected leader in the community of Ochapowace. She told Global News that the baby dancing is her brother’s grandson, Lakeyn.

“It was so beautiful and it was emotional,” Bear told Global News, later adding, “I’m just so thankful that somebody was able to capture it on social media.” Credit: Jared Ross Allary via Storyful