Baby Reindeer 'Martha' found through quick Google search Record reporter tells Piers Morgan

After weeks of writing up world exclusives about Richard Gadd’s Baby Reindeer and the show’s real life Martha, Fiona Harvey, I suppose it was just a matter of time before I’d be the one being interrogated by Piers Morgan, John Dingwall writes.

The broadcaster invited me onto his hugely popular chat show Piers Morgan Uncensored because I’m the journalist who has continually been telling you the stories that matter about the sensational TV series Baby Reindeer or as Piers put it – “joined the dots” – that Fiona Harvey was the real life Martha.

Piers is the most influential of the UK journalists who picked up on my Daily Record reports which relate to the seven-parter – billed as “a true story” by the world’s most popular streaming channel.

Having read my reports of Harvey’s claims that she is the victim rather than Gadd, her assertion that she has never been to prison along with the news that Harvey is now suing Netflix, I was told that Piers wanted to hear “from the horse’s mouth”.

Like me, he was astonished to hear Harvey’s claim that she had never been in prison and he'd had her onto his show a couple of weeks back.

Last week, he had Laura Wray on, a Scots lawyer who says she was stalked by Harvey over 20 years ago.

Now, he wanted to know from the journalist who broke the story that Richard Roth of Roth Law on Madison Avenue, New York, is representing Fiona Havey and has filed a motion to sue Netflix in a court in California in front of a jury for $70 million, as he asked me for my response to a document that appears to show that Harvey has no criminal convictions.

He said: “That seems to me a pretty significant development because that goes right to the heart of the central claim of the Netflix series, which is the person who was stalking Richard Gadd, ie. Fiona Harvey not only was already a convicted criminal, but then confessed to stalking him and got another eight and a half months in prison to add to the force she'd done before. None of that is true.”

Then came one of the broadcaster's catchphrases.

“What is your response to that?”

I told Piers: “Well, it seemed pretty obvious because at the time it was an allegation by Fiona Harvey.

“And just to give you some background to the other one of the main points about this lawsuit is how easy it was to identify Fiona Harvey.

“If people couldn't identify Fiona Harvey, the lawsuit might be somewhat weaker than it is.

“I managed to find that Fiona Harvey was the real life Martha in a matter of minutes.

“That's how I was able to contact her so that's the first thing… I Googled it.”


“Wow,” Piers said. “And up came Fiona Harvey?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Because the internet sleuths had already been on the hunt.

“From there I was able to call her the following morning and Fiona was in a state of distress because obviously people have been hounding as a result of Baby Reindeer just having been on Netflix.

“And for me as a reporter for the Daily Record, the fact that Richard Gadd was Scottish, the creator of the show, the fact that Fiona Harvey is also Scottish and the fact that the character Martha on whom she is based is Scottish made that really great Scottish news and Scottish entertainment story.”

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