Baby Reindeer's real-life Martha faces being sued by widow of Scots MP over Piers Morgan claims

Laura Wray
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The wife of a former Scots MP, who alleges she was the target of the real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer, is considering legal action against Fiona Harvey following her interview with Piers Morgan.

Laura Wray, 62, is mulling over her next legal steps following Harvey's allegations on the show, claiming she was harassed by her.

It comes in the wake of Wray's claim that she was stalked by Harvey for four years, resulting in a court order from Glasgow Sheriff Court in 2002.

Wray, widow of the late Labour MP Jimmy Wray, has claimed that Harvey made defamatory comments during her appearance on Piers Morgan's programme, as reported by the Scottish Daily Express.

On the show, Harvey denied being fired by Mrs Wray after a two-week trial at her solicitor's office in 1997 and argued that she was the one who secured a court order against Mrs Wray.

Fiona Harvey being interviewed on Piers Morgan's YouTube channel
Fiona Harvey being interviewed on Piers Morgan's YouTube channel -Credit:PA

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Mrs Wray said: "I felt I was defamed by Ms Harvey on Piers Morgan's show.

"Many of the things she said were completely and utterly wrong and I would really like to set the record straight. Now I'm giving consideration to the possibility of raising an action for defamation against Miss Harvey."

Additionally, Mrs Wray shared her shock at seeing the character Martha in the hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer, who she believes is based on her alleged stalker.

The series, which has captivated over 22 million viewers across 30 countries, draws from the true story of Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, who portrays Donny Dunn.

The series subtly suggests Martha's past history of stalking. Gadd's character looks up her name online and discovers a newspaper article - created for the show - with the headline: 'Sick stalker targets barrister's deaf child'.

This barrister is Mrs Wray, an advocate in Scotland whose family - including her disabled son Frankie - was targeted during the stalking campaign.

Laura Wray with Jimmy Wray in 2000
Laura Wray with Jimmy Wray in 2000 -Credit:PA

In 2002, the situation escalated when she and her husband were accused by Harvey of assaulting three year old Frankie, who was born with a rare chromosomal disorder. Mrs Wray then obtained an interim interdict in court which stopped Harvey from further harassing her.

Harvey spoke to the Daily Record soon after being identified online to refute a number of claims made about Martha in the Netflix show.

They included sending thousands of emails to Gadd and that she was put in prison. In the series, “Martha” was jailed prior to meeting Gadd’s character Donny and is jailed again for stalking him.

That has prompted Harvey to threaten legal action against Netflix and Gadd.

She told the Record after demanding more than the £250 fee she was given: “If I can’t get that show to shut down easily, if they don’t give me the money – and I’m talking £1million – ­politicians will shut the show down.

"If the behaviour of Netflix has been discussed in Parliament as it has been discussed all over the country then the show will be shut down – as simple as that. I want at least £1million and they know it.”

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