Baby Squirrel Tags Along For 16 Holes at Michigan Golf Course

An adorable baby squirrel joined a pair of golfers for 16 holes at a course in Plymouth, Michigan, on May 13.

Mike Gurny, one of the golfers, told Storyful he gave the squirrel “a second to see if it would run off” but it did not.

“After a few moments I picked it up. As an animal person this is my nature,” he said. “I set it back on the ground after giving it a few pets, and it followed me back to the cart.”

Gurny said he then picked the furry friend up again and set it on a towel where it was able to ride around with them in their cart.

“The squirrel was comfortable to sit on my shoulder, hold in my hands, and even ride on my hat,” he added. “After we completed the round, it was close to dark so I decided to take it home.”

He explained that he gave the squirrel fluids and nuts to hold it over until he could get it to a wildlife rehabilitation center called Nature’s Helping Hands in nearby Livonia.

In the meantime, he said the animal was given a flea bath and put in a homemade enclosure. He added that his three-year-old daughter loved petting the squirrel, he referred to as “Chief”.

The following day he was able to hand Chief over to the rehabilitation center, which said in a post it was “happy to rescue his foxie.” Credit: Mike Gurny via Storyful

Video transcript

- Just, here comes a squirrel. [LAUGHS] Lookit, lookit, lookit, dude.


- Squirrel joined us eight holes ago.


- Chief, go back to the cart.

- Go back to the cart, squirrel.

MIKE GURNY: Oh. Be enough.

- Oh, [MUTED]

MIKE GURNY: It's on my face.





MIKE GURNY: Come on, man.



- Can I try?