Baby yak to be named after Harry Potter character

By Catherine Wylie, PA

A yak born at a UK zoo is to be named after a Harry Potter character.

The calf, born to mother Hermione and father Voldemort at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo last Thursday, will be named following its first health check when vets will be able to determine its sex.

The newborn yak has yet to be named (ZSL Whipsnade Zoo/PA)

Whipsnade’s zookeepers have a tradition of naming members of the yak herd after characters from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books – and are looking forward to finding out if this one will be a Ginny or a Draco.

Team leader Donovan Glyn said it is “magical” to share the news about the newest arrival, adding: “The calf is doing really well, sticking close to mum while they are exploring the herd’s paddock together.

The yak was born last week (ZSL Whipsnade Zoo/PA)

“While so much is changing in the world, it’s wonderful to be able to come to work and see life go on with our animals – and even more so to see new life beginning.”

The zoo is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.