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'I'm a new person!' This sleep aid is 60% off during the early Prime Day sale

Tossing and turning is no way to spend the night, but even with the comfiest of mattresses and the coziest of sheets, some of us still can’t get the sleep required to be a functioning human. If you count yourself in the sleepless camp and you’re patiently waiting for Mr. Sandman to deliver a few extra winks, you might get a faster delivery from Amazon. This week the retail giant is offering early Prime Day deals on the popular sleep aid Bach Rescue Sleep Spray — it's a jaw-dropping 60% off right now!

This natural sleep aid is specially formulated for occasional nighttime sleeplessness. It's designed to be non-habit forming and melatonin-free for a restful night's sleep without leaving you groggy.
$18 at Amazon

People have been relying on Bach Original Flower Remedies to calm them down for decades. Each Rescue Remedy uses the essence of flowers with calming properties to help people de-stress, stay calm and focus without melatonin. With just two squirts on your tongue before bed, Bach Rescue Sleep Spray uses white chestnut flowers to calm the mind and help stop repetitive thoughts that keep you awake — which is one reason Amazon shoppers love this spray.

"Works like magic," wrote one rave reviewer. "Occasionally, I have trouble sleeping because of anxiety and overactive thinking. This calms things down enough for me to sleep. My 10 year old also has trouble sleeping sometimes when my spouse isn't home and this helps him as well."

"I love Bach Rescue Sleep and was pleasantly surprised at how calm my thoughts became as I fell asleep," a sleepless shopper shared. "I find that it helps me calm unpleasant thoughts that I start perseverating on. I also found that the sleep is much more rejuvenating. I highly recommend Bach Rescue Sleep for anyone who has anxiety keep them awake. This really works!"

No side effects

Because Bach Rescue Sleep Spray is made with natural ingredients, shoppers say they don't experience side effects that other sleep aids can cause.

"Love this stuff! I wake up several times during the night to use the restroom," wrote a satisfied sleeper. "I have 'monkey brain' and find it difficult to go back to sleep. A couple spritz of this on the tongue and back to sleep I go...You can't argue with results that have no side effects!"

"Since I have been diagnosed with lung disease, I have found that my sleep is off," another shopper reported. "I have more trouble staying asleep and getting to sleep. I wanted more natural remedies besides a drug induced sleep which left me sluggish and with a headache. I found this product and I use two sprays on my tongue each night about 30 minutes before my bedtime. I find that I fall asleep more easily, stay asleep and awake in the morning without the drugged headache."

sleep spray
You won't lose sleep with this deal. (Photo: Amazon)

The only solution

And for some of those who have tried everything to get a good night's sleep, Bach Rescue Sleep Spray is the only solution.

"After decades of falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, I developed chronic insomnia," another satisfied sleeper shared. "I was unhappy with the prescription sleep medications for all the usual reasons. I then tried teas, increasing exercise, meditation, cutting out caffeine, melatonin, valerian, weighted blankets, warm baths and turning of screens & not eating after 4 pm ...Sleep was not close to a sure thing until I added Sleep Rescue. It takes about 20 mins to kick in...I just go from busy mind and worry I won't fall asleep, to waking up 6 hours later."

"It gives me peace of mind that I don't have to use prescription drugs or OTC pills to go to sleep," wrote another former insomniac. "If I wake up in the middle of the night, mostly fretting about work, one spray gets me right back to sleep. And, I don't wake up groggy. I'm a new person!"

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