'Bachelor' contestant Bekah M. was a missing person until someone noticed her ... on TV

Dani Golub
Video Producer, Yahoo Lifestyle

Now this might be the most bizarre twist in the history of The Bachelor. This season’s controversial, 22-year-old front-runner, Bekah Martinez was reported missing by her mother in November.

When looking into Humboldt County’s missing persons list, North Coast Journal posted to Facebook asking if their readers recognized any of those reported missing. According to North Coast Journal’s report, their reader Amy Bonner O’Brien pointed out that one of the missing people looked exactly like Martinez from The Bachelor. Not even Chris Harrison could stir up this kind of unexpected drama.

Of course, any Bachelor nation fan knows that November was during the time period when Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season was filming. During that time, contestants don’t have any contact with the outside world, so that means no phones, computers, or any other communication device – an easy explanation for Martinez’s “disappearance.”

The Journal reached out to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, who then contacted Martinez. The sheriff’s office replied back stating that they “got off the phone with Rebekah. She is in fact the same person. She has been removed from (the Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit).”

Martinez’s Instagram went dark on Sept. 23, when the 22nd season of The Bachelor began shooting, but she began posting again on Nov. 18, a week after her mother reported her missing. There are also a notable number of similarities between Martinez’s profile on The Bachelor website, which went up Jan. 1, and the official missing persons report on the Attorney General’s website.

After the North Coast Journal’s story went viral, Martinez tweeted about this fascinating plot twist, hopefully, bringing any and all concerns to an end.

Bachelor nation also a lot to say about this unforeseen breaking news.


So it looks as if Martinez is doing absolutely fine, and the list of missing people in Humboldt County just got a little smaller. If you want to see Martinez try to win the Bachelor’s heart, you can find her on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m.