‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Busted by ‘Psycho’ Girlfriend

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The guys balled out with a pickup basketball game on The Bachelorette Monday night. While everyone was excited about surprise guest Kareem Abdul Jabbar, DeMario wasn’t so excited about the other surprise guest … his alleged girlfriend, Lexi.

The most dramatic Bachelorette basketball game ever!

DeMario was on cloud nine as he seemed to be the MVP of the basketball game on the group date. But when a girl named Lexi confronted Rachel after the game, DeMario got a cold shower of reality. Rachel got DeMario out of the locker room to confront Lexi, and as DeMario walked onto the court, Lexi blocked his shot, with Rachel saying, “Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it, DeMario?” The shocked look on DeMario’s face said it all as he asked, “Who is this?”

Lexi let them know exactly who she was by blasting DeMario, saying, “You thought you could walk on with an engagement ring in your pocket and tell this girl you were ready to wife her when you were in my bed weeks before.” Demario tried to explain to Rachel that he wasn’t “double dribbling” and that he had broken up with Lexi before coming on the show. Unfortunately for DeMario, he was doing a terrible job at it, and Lexi brought some incriminating texts to make sure he couldn’t lie his way out of the situation.

DeMario gets ejected

Whatever was going on between DeMario and Lexi, Rachel had had enough of it. She told DeMario, “I’m not here to be played. I’m not here to be made a joke of, which is what I feel like you’re doing right now with me. So I’m really gonna need you to get the f*** out!”

Rachel was too upset to talk about it, even with Chris Harrison. But when DeMario showed up at the mansion later during the cocktail party, she was curious enough to go talk to him. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait until next week to see what he has to say.  

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