Choice is clear: Back Tory migration plans or Labour will make UK asylum capital of the world

Migrants on the beach at Dungeness on the southeast coast of England
Migrants on the beach at Dungeness on the southeast coast of England

Labour in government will lead to illegal migration skyrocketing. We know this because The Telegraph has revealed that in their exposé on Monday showing asylum seekers are waiting for a Labour government.

We now know that the migrants and the people smugglers are watching and hoping for a Keir Starmer victory. That will mean more boats and more people are coming to the UK.

You have a choice of two at this election. The Conservatives have a clear plan for slashing immigration levels. Or Labour, who have no plan and will make the UK the asylum capital of the world. Those are your two choices. It’s that simple.

Telegraph readers know the strain high migration places on your local services, school places and housing. Getting it down should be common sense. To us, it is.

But we have made this point repeatedly in the face of the Labour Party’s stiff opposition. They can talk a big game when they’re trying to court your vote, but they voted against our plans to tighten our immigration system every single time.

When judging what a party will do in government, looking at their record is sensible.

Previous Labour governments turned the UK into a global thoroughfare. Blair and Brown didn’t just open the doors – they practically removed them from their hinges. During the last Labour government, immigration skyrocketed.

At this election, Labour have been coy about their tax increases and spending plans. On migration, one guarantee of a Labour government is that it will go up.

Starmer cut his teeth campaigning for a second referendum and for the free movement of people. He has said he will drag Britain back into painful negotiations with the EU.

On the other hand, we will stop the boats and get legal migration right down.

Illegal migration challenges the very heart of Britishness. People should not be able to pay thousands of pounds to jump the queue of our points-based migration system.

My mission is to destroy the people smugglers’ business model at its root. It is a despicable crime, trading on the misery of desperate, poor people. They are brutalised and taken advantage of.

However, Labour plans to issue an amnesty to these migrants, which would instantly increase the appeal of making the journey across the channel.

As The Telegraph reports on Monday, smuggling gangs have heard this and are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of a Labour government that would guarantee sanctuary to illegal migrants.

Already the strict new measures we introduced last year will see migration significantly lower this year. Ever the virtue signallers, Labour has tried to stop these sensible measures every chance they get.

But we will go even further. A new cap on the legal number of migrants coming on work and family routes will guarantee this comes down every year.

The choice is clear. A Conservative government that will stick to the plan to stop the boats and cut migration, or back to square one with Labour who the people smugglers want in power.

James Cleverly is Home Secretary