Bad Bunny fans denied access to Mexico gig among ‘unprecedented number of fake tickets’

Bad Bunny fans denied access to Mexico gig among ‘unprecedented number of fake tickets’

Bad Bunny fans were blocked from entering a concert in Mexico on Friday (9 December) after the gig was caught up in ticketing chaos.

The 85,000 capacity show at Estadio Azteca in Mexico city had issues after “an unprecedented number of fake tickets” were used to gain entry.

This resulted in a number of fans with legitimate tickets then being refused entry to the concert.

The issue is thought to have been caused due to the fact that Mexico still uses a paper ticketing system, which makes it easier to forge and fake ticket copies.

Following the incident on Friday, Ticketmaster Mexico issued a statement apologising to fans who were affected.

In a translated statement, the ticket company claimed that fraudulent access confused their systems, meaning fans with legitimate tickets were unable to gain access.

It also assured that it will be issuing a refund to any fans that didn’t access the event with official tickets.

“The inconveniences at the entrances were a consequence of the high unprecedented number of fake tickets which caused crowding of people more than typical,” the translated statement read.

“The crowding caused confusion and complicated the entrance to the stadium, which led to people with legitimate tickets, not being allowed entry.”

In a statement of their own, the venue Estadio Azteca said that they had closed entrances for security reasons and enlisted private security.

Ticketmaster has assured that they are working with consumer protection agency PROFECO to prevent fraudulent sales in future.

The Independent has contacted representatives of both Bad Bunny and Ticketmaster for comment.

Another sold out Bad Bunny concert took place on Sunday (11 November), but it is not yet known if similar issues occurred.

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