How Bad is the Pac 12 Conference in College Basketball in 2012? Fan's View

What has happened to the Pac 12 Conference in college basketball? The once proud Pac 12 has won their share of NCAA Tournaments over the years, and sent a great number of players into the NBA, but the conference is so bad it is currently ranked ninth in the country, behind the Mountain West, Atlantic 10 and Missouri Valley Conferences in 2012.

Pac 12 is Ranked as Ninth Best College Basketball Conference

I'm a Syracuse Orange college basketball fan, and we are undefeated (19-0) and ranked #1 in the country. Rooting for Syracuse, I'm also a Big East Conference fan, and the Big East is ranked as the second best conference so far this college basketball season, behind the Big Ten.

Pac 12 Has No Top 25 Teams and Have Not Beat a Top 25 Team This Season

The Pac 12 currently has no teams ranked in the top 25, and the highest ranked RPI team in the Pac 12 is the California Golden Bears at 38. California is 15-4 on the season, and has played two games vs teams from the other five big conferences in college basketball. The Golden Bears beat 9-8 Georgia out of the SEC, and lost to 16-1 Missouri out of the Big 12.

The entire Pac 12 Conference teams are a combined 11-18 vs teams from the SEC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, and the ACC. That is just a .379 winning percentage. Against teams ranked in the top 25, Pac 12 teams are a combined 0-12.

Pac 12 vs Other Major College Basketball Conferences

Pac 12 is 1-3 vs Big Ten

Pac 12 is 2-5 vs Big 12

Pac 12 is 1-3 vs Big East

Pac 12 is 3-3 vs ACC

Pac 12 is 4-4 vs SEC

So the Pac 12 Conference teams do not have a winning record vs teams from any of the other big conferences. What makes the stat even worse is that the Utah Utes are 4-13 on the season, and have not played one team from one of the other major conferences this season.

After California, the next highest RPI rated team from the Pac 12 is Oregon at 49, followed by Colorado at 65 and Arizona at 66. Stanford is ranked at just 71, and then Washington is at 93. The rest of the conferences teams have RPI's over 100. That is a big problem because the conference teams are all playing each other now and will have a hard time moving up because none of their opponents will be ranked high.

How Bad is the Pac 12 Conference in College Basketball in 2012?

The Pac 12 is so bad that the conference might only get two teams into the NCAA Tournament. That would be a huge embarrassment for the Pac 12 Conference, but based upon the 11-18 record vs major conference teams, and the low RPI's of the teams in the Pac 12, it's about all that is warranted at this point.