Badger Chases Dogs and Walkers at English Nature Park

The RSPCA has warned locals not to approach a badger that was spotted in broad daylight chasing dogs and humans alike in a wooded area of England’s West Midlands, British media reported.

Footage posted to Facebook on May 2 by Ben Clay shows the badger approaching walkers and their pets at Cannock Chase, a popular nature park in Staffordshire.

The RSPCA said such behavior is “not normal” for badgers, which are generally nocturnal, and said the animal could be “disoriented” and “unpredictable and aggressive,” reports said. Credit: Digital Defined Marketing via Storyful

Video transcript


- --dogs, anyway.

- Yeah, because once this black lab, it got b-- I don't think [INAUDIBLE] but it went at it. It then was after it. They tried to walk away.

- And then it--


- --and now it's happening again here.



- [INAUDIBLE] for it [INAUDIBLE] walk with dogs.

- It probably doesn't care at all, does it?

- Shouldn't even be out in this time of day, should it?

- No.

- No.


- It's missing an eye.



- We would have seen it if I just [INAUDIBLE].

- Where's mummy? Maddie, [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, Maddie do you want to hold hands with mommy?

- Daddy, do you want to go over the other side with me? [INAUDIBLE]



- Go away little badger.

- Yeah, definitely.

- Yeah, I think it's any that's in front of it.

- But that's younger, it's only a youngster.

- That's not a fully-grown badger.

- Get across the water.

- Oh it's going to cross.


- That's a photo, [INAUDIBLE].

- They're evolving.

- Oh

- Oh wow.

- That-- send that to the news editor.

- That's awesome.

- Kate, carry on walking.

- You can get hurt if the dog grabs hold of it then, is it?

- Yeah, they can be quite vicious.

- Yeah.

- That's awesome, that's nice.

- Right, come on, [INAUDIBLE] hold on badger.


- Yeah, just stand still.



- Right, I think he's gone for cover.

- He's been about.



- Oh, put your dogs on a leash, there's a badger.

- And not full grown.


- Yeah.

- Anything that's in there, I don't know.

- Yeah, that's amazing inside [INAUDIBLE]


- Mama got to--


- Where's [INAUDIBLE]

- It's kind of painful [INAUDIBLE]

- I'm sorry about [INAUDIBLE]

- Have you tasted it? Don't throw [INAUDIBLE]

- Aw.

- The badger.



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