Bag Hair Day: Woman Accidentally Dyes ASDA Logo Onto Her Head

Now that you have to spend 5p for carrier bags, you might as well make the most of them - as this woman did to her cost.

Rebecca Richardson was dying her hair and so called upon the services of an ASDA carrier bag to put over her head during the process.

So far so good - but hair dye coverings are usually transparent and don’t usually feature the names of major UK supermarkets.

Unfortunately for Rebecca, the green ASDA logo also found itself dyed onto her hair alongside the hair colouring.

Logo: The green ASDA logo is now part of Rebecca’s hairstyle (Grab)

Posting a pic of her blonde locks with the green writing right at the front by her forehead to her brother, she wrote: “Don’t leave an ASDA bag on when dying hair!”

Being the kind, considerate and thoughtful brother that he is, he then posted the picture onto Facebook and made it public so everyone could get a look.

Some sort of clear freezer bag next time might be a good idea.

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