Baggage handler explains why suitcases with ribbons 'don't make it on flights'

An airport baggage handler suggests that passengers steer clear of tying ribbons to their suitcases during their trips.

Ribbons, often used by travellers as identifiers for their suitcases on bustling carousels, may in fact cause complications. The baggage assistant explained to RSVP Live how identifiers could result in luggage mishaps that see bags ending up in manual handling and possibly missing flights.

They said: "Ribbons people tie onto their suitcases to help identify them can cause issues with the bag being scanned in the baggage hall. If the bag can't be scanned automatically it can end up in manual processing, which could mean your bag doesn't make it to the flight. Take old stickers off the bag, it can cause confusion with the scanning process."

Additionally, he highlighted the peculiar danger of packing marzipan, which has a density akin to that of explosives. This could lead to both the bag and its owner being ejected from their flight, reports the Mirror.

The advice is all the more relevant with many travellers in the UK unaware of the new rules. Four out of five remain uninformed about new scanners set to be launched in major UK airports this June, according to a travel expert's warning earlier this month. These scanners will allow passengers to carry up to two litres of liquid in hand luggage and also retain items such as laptops within their bags.

People wearing N95 face masks waiting at baggage claim line terminal of the international airport. Airplane travelers waiting for luggage from a conveyor belt.
Travellers are being warned -Credit:Getty

Major airports including Aberdeen are taking part, however other Scottish airports including Glasgow and Edinburgh did not meet the June 1 deadline.

Passengers are finding themselves befuddled due to the varying levels of readiness from different airports. An AirAdvisor survey exclusively shared with the Mirror indicates that 83 percent of people aren't clued up on the incoming changes to the 100ml liquid rule at airports this summer.

With the introduction of the new rule, passengers can pack two litres of liquids in their carry-on luggage. However, these changes apply solely to UK airports other locations and return flights to the UK might stick to older protocols.

Currently, passengers can take under 100ml of liquids in their hand luggage, sealed in a 20cm x 20cm bag not exceeding one litre - this stands until June 1 at the earliest.

AirAdvisor's founder and CEO, Anton Radchenko, noted: "Considering this rule holds significant importance and will redefine how we travel, people should be aware of it."

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