Bake Off 2022 final as it happened: Syabira crowned champion

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Bake Off 2022 final as it happened: Syabira crowned champion

The Great British Bake Off tent is shutting its doors as another series of the Channel 4 show comes to a close.

On Tuesday (15 November), Syabira Yusoff, 32, was crowned champion of the show’s 13th season.

She beat out Sandro Farmhouse, 30, and Abdul Rehman Sharif, 29 to be named the winner by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

She now follows in the footsteps of previous champions, including Nadiya Hussain and John Whaite.

The final arrived after a tumultuous contest that saw fan favourite Janusz eliminated in the semi-final.

Tonight’s final saw the surviving three constructing a planetary showstopper.

See how the action from the GBBO final unfolded below

16:25 , Jacob Stolworthy

Hello, and welcome to The Independent’s live blog of the GBBO finale!

17:51 , Jacob Stolworthy

Now, this is an idea we could get on board with.

18:11 , Jacob Stolworthy

Word on the street is that tonight’s final is the closest one yet. But, going by odds, the favourite to win is currently... Sandro.

18:30 , Jacob Stolworthy

However, Janusz WAS the favourite and he got given hsi marching orders last week.

18:50 , Jacob Stolworthy

While we’re talking about Janusz, may we bring up the ultimate burning question from this year’s series?

GBBO viewers demands answers to show’s ‘greatest mystery’ after latest episode

American viewers baffled by judge’s suprise over peanut butter and jelly combination

19:14 , Tom Murray

US viewers of The Great British Bake Off, which for some reason they call The Great British Baking Show, have aired their frustrations over the semi-final.

During the episode, Syabira decided to pair berries with peanut butter-cheesecake mousse, shocking judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood.

“Peanut and fruit. You wouldn’t normally put them together,” Hollywood said.

“My American mind is being blown by the judges on #GBBO not knowing about peanut butter and jelly. ‘Peanut butter and FRUIT? How unusual,’” one person tweeted.

American GBBO viewers shocked and confused after latest episode

We’re about to get underway...

20:00 , Tom Murray

This is it folks – tonight, a Bake Off champion will be crowned. Will it be Abdul, Sandro or Syabira?

No Noel!

20:03 , Tom Murray

Noel Fielding is feeling poorly, Matt Lucas tells the bakers, but he may be joining the rest of the party later on. What a blow for the final!

A sustainable theme

20:10 , Tom Murray

The theme for the final is a “baked celebration of our planet” meaning ingredients must be as local and sustainable as possible. As such, meat will not be allowed in any dishes.

Do you want it?

20:12 , Tom Murray

Matt: “Do you want it?”

Sandro: “I do want it bad.”

Matt: “...”

Sandro: “Wait, what are we talking about actually?”

Signature bake - check!

20:19 , Tom Murray

The bakers have completed their last-ever signature bake – a seasonal picnic from across the UK.

Their six mini cakes, six vegetarian pies and six finger sandwiches will now be judged by Prue and Paul... after the break.

Sandro gets middling reviews

20:24 , Tom Murray

Bit of a nightmare for Sandro there – his huge cakes are too huge and his pie is underbaked. Still no handshake...

Syabira on top?

20:26 , Tom Murray

I think from the signature, Syabira has taken an early narrow lead but to say it’s still all to play for would be an understatement.

The technical challenge: a summer pudding bomb

20:29 , Tom Murray

The bakers must use the bread they baked in the signature for the technical... That’s a first!

‘I might have to pray to Beyoncé in a minute'

20:33 , Tom Murray

Sandro did not boil his gelatine and his jelly has not set... this is not good.

Abdul takes his first Technical... ever

20:37 , Tom Murray

Abdul has finally won a Technical! “Don’t clap,” Paul says, as it really is the best of a bad bunch.

Noel is back!

20:42 , Tom Murray

The presenter looks a bit peaky but says he “wouldn’t miss” the final.

The bakers must build ‘an edible sculpture'

20:46 , Tom Murray

The sculpture must have three tiers and of course, celebrate the planet. Sandro is baking the planet Earth... for the second time this season.

Sandro needs a miracle

20:47 , Tom Murray

After languishing in the first two challenges, Sandro may need Abdul and Syabira’s bakes to spontaneously combust if he’s to have a chance of winning here.

... Aaand he’s just announced he’s not timing anything but going on “gut feeling”. Oh God.

Of COURSE Paul made Sandro buy his book

20:48 , Tom Murray

That is the most Paul Hollywood story I’ve ever heard. Sandro says Paul made him buy his new book. Noel: “That’s ridiculous!”

Of COURSE Paul made Sandro buy his book

20:49 , Tom Murray

That is the most Paul Hollywood story I’ve ever heard. Sandro says Paul made him buy his new book. Noel: “That’s ridiculous!”

It’s starting to get very tense indeed

20:52 , Tom Murray

Tension is seriously ramping up here. Abdul’s macaroons are overbaked. Why did I just inhale so sharply?

21:03 , Tom Murray

One can’t help but feel Sandro has gone a bit “last days of Rome here”. It’s all fallen apart a bit but he’s laughing and smiling through it all.

Syabira’s terrifying orangutan

21:04 , Tom Murray

The judges bemoaned Syabira’s slight lack of finesse in the showstopper. I mean... that orangutan’s face will haunt my dreams tonight.

The challenges are done – and no one really pulled it out the bag?

21:06 , Tom Murray

Is it just me or was that all a bit... lacklustre? No one really stood out or blew the judges away in any of the final challenges. One has the feeling this could come down to how the bakers have performed across the whole series. Janusz would have pulled it off – just saying.


21:10 , Tom Murray


‘It’s not sunk down’

21:15 , Tom Murray

Syabira can’t quite believe it. “It’s not sunk down” she says, coming close enough to the right phrase. “This is the biggest achievement of my entire life,” she says.

She has easily been this season’s most exciting contender, never afraid to go big and bold with her flavours. I think the audience will generally agree that this year, the judges got it right.