'Great British Bake Off' Week 2: Biscuit mask challenge sees bakers crumble under pressure


Bake Off presenters Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas and judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.
Who did the Bake Off judges send home in Biscuit Week? (Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off saw 18-year-old student Maisam sent home in Biscuit Week after producing the most simple Showstopper.

Bakers were challenged with making a 3D decorative mask out of biscuits, and while Carole's ended up collapsing, Maisam finished way ahead of time after choosing to paint one round biscuit made of gingerbread.

The youngest baker said: "I think I'm definitely proud because obviously I'm only 18, so at this age I've done something to be proud. This is definitely not the end of my baking journey - it's where it starts."

The Great British Bake Off Maisam. (Channel 4)
The Great British Bake Off contetant Maisam. (Channel 4)

The student and sales assistant was criticised by the judges in the Signature round for not adding any decoration to her carrot-shaped macarons.

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Judge Paul Hollywood told her: "I'd like to have seen some pipework to make them look more like a carrot."

Maisam came seventh in the Technical round, making Garibaldis, aka 'squashed fly' biscuits.

Coming into the Showstopper round she said: "I am a bit nervous, I'm not in a good position so that definitely puts me under pressure."

As she told the judges about her plans to make a gingerbread mask decorated with painted royal icing and lemon shortbread Prue Leith asked her: "Just two kinds of biscuits?"

Student Maisam was the youngest Bake Off contestant of 2022, aged just 18. (Channel 4)
Student Maisam was the youngest Bake Off contestant of 2022, aged just 18. (Channel 4)

Finding herself finished long before the other bakers, Maisam said: "There is a side of me that's like 'Why've you finished so early, you could do something else?' But I'm very happy with it."

Host Matt Lucas joked she had so much time on her hands she could pop to the shops.

Hollywood told her: "It's simple but effective."

However Leith cautioned: "I think in an ideal world I'd have liked you to do a little bit more."

As the judges deliberate, Lucas confessed of Maisam's bake: "I thought it looked really good, but when you looked around the room and saw what the others had done you realised - in this show you do have to go that little bit further."

The Great British Bake Off's Carole and host Matt Lucas.
The Great British Bake Off's Carole. (Channel 4)

Supermarket cashier Carole, 59, just made it through to the next time after her mask - intricately decorated with macarons - collapsed on its stand just after she had finished, leaving her in tears.

She sobbed: "You can't mend that!"

Host Noel Fielding told her: "It was so beautiful, what you don't want to do now is panic, just have a minute and stay calm."

The judges admired her decoration, but Hollywood said he was unsurprised it had broken.

He told Carole: "Your recipe - the amount of lard that's gone in there, it's not stable enough."

Bake Off's Maxy was named the Star Bake of Biscuit Week. (Channel 4)
Maxy was named the Star Bake of Biscuit Week. (Channel 4)

After sending Maisam home, Hollywood told Carole: "Next week - don't make any mistakes!"

Architectural assistant Maxy, 29, was named Star Baker, after impressing with her daisy macarons - which earned a Hollywood handshake - and elaborately decorated carnival mask.

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She said: "I cant believe I got Star Baker! I didn't even think I'd get onto the show, let alone get a handshake and get Star Baker. It's definitely given me a confidence boost, I'm really happy."

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