'Great British Bake Off' Week 3: Who did not rise to the challenge of Bread Week?

The Great British Bake Off judges Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas. (Channel 4)
Which baker proved to be unworthy in Bread Week? (Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off contestants all escaped elimination in Bread Week as two bakers were off sick.

Masters student Rebs, 23, and electronics engineer Abdul, 29, were both absent from the tent due to illness and so avoided having to prove their breadmaking skills.

The fate of 60-year-old IT manager Dawn and music teacher Kevin, 33, hung in the balance after they were both criticised for lack of flavour and underproving their dough.

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But after head teacher's PA Janusz, 34, was declared Star Baker for the second time, host Matt Lucas revealed no one would be going home.

After leaving the bakers on the edge of their seats he announced: "No body's going home! The judges felt, given the quality here and the fact that Reb and Abdul aren't here, that everybody deserves the chance to bake again."

But judge Prue Leith warned: "Sooner or later we have to send two bakers home, and that's not nice."

The Showstopper round saw the contestants tasked with creating a Swedish savoury sandwich cake called a Smorgastarta.

Bake Off's Janusz and Matt Lucas.
Janusz was Star Baker for a second time. (Channel 4)

Janusz made a fish and chip smorgastarta, with curry sauce icing and mushy pea filling, which judge Paul Hollywood declared to be "ingenious".

Leith said: "The idea of fish and chips in a sandwich to me is disgusting... [but] I have to eat my words, it's lovely."

Janusz also came first place in the Technical Challenge with his fluffy pain au raisins and created a full English breakfast sharing pizza with a fried egg in the middle.

Carole came last in the Technical for her under-baked pain au raisin and was criticised by Hollywood for her floppy pizza which she had drenched in French cheeses.

The Great British Bake Off Carole. (Channel 4)
Prue Leith said Carole saved herself with the decoration on her Smorgastarta. (Channel 4)

But Leith told her: "You only made one mistake - too much of a good thing."

And the judge said Carole had saved herself with her beautifully decorated traditional salmon and mackerel Smorgastarta, which Hollywood said looked "very 60s".

Leith said: "I thinks it's absolutely lovely, maybe because I come from the 60s."

The Great British Bake Off's Kevin. (Channel 4)
Bake Off's Kevin was sure he was going home in Bread Week. (Channel 4)

Kevin came second to last in the Technical, and was disappointed with the wilted decoration on his Smorgastarta inspired by his wife's fish pie recipe.

He said: "I think this could send me home, it's not looking too hot."

But though the judges thought it looked messy, they agreed it tasted "really good".

The Great British Bake Off's Dawn.
Dawn's pizza and Smorgastarta were criticised for being bland. (Channel 4)

After learning no one was leaving the tent Kevin said: "That was certainly squeaky bum time!"

Dawn's Tex Mex pizza was branded "surprisingly bland" by Hollywood.

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And her Greek inspired chicken and feta Smorgastarta was also criticised for missing "key flavours", and not matching up to the decorative standard of the other contestants.

Cardiovascular research assistant Syabira, 32, was in line for Star Baker after creating an impressively decorated Smorgastarta filled with Malaysian flavours to match traditional dish Nasi Lemak - with coconut, egg, cucumber, fish, chicken and spices.

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