'Bake Off' result: Whose bread did Paul Hollywood call 'like eating lemon drizzle cake in a sandstorm'?

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Ep3.  Paul, Prue, Noel and Matt.
Ep3. Paul, Prue, Noel and Matt.

The Great British Bake Off has sent home its third contestant as baker Rowan failed to prove himself during Paul Hollywood’s favourite round - bread week.

Music teacher Rowan had been in the bottom few of the competition since week one as judge Hollywood criticised him for aiming to do too much and failing to finish bakes, but when he couldn’t impress in Hollywood’s area of expertise, he was finally voted out.

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After a soda bread that Hollywood described as “like eating lemon drizzle cake in a sandstorm” and coming last in the technical challenge to make rainbow bagels, Rowan knew the writing was on the wall for him.

Going into the final task to make a bread plaque, he said: “It’s probably curtains, but I’m going to have fun anyway.”

He also kept viewers entertained by being this week’s champion of innuendo, a favourite part of the show for many. There was the sausage soda bread...

...the soft, wrinkly bagels...

...and who could forget his showstopper...

However, despite producing an impressive-looking loaf shaped like a pear tree, Rowan was told that it just didn’t taste of much and became the third baker to leave series 11.

Rowan’s haphazard approach to the precise art of baking made him one of the most fun contestants to watch this series.

Newbie presenter Matt Lucas had attempted to stick up for him in the judges’ deliberations, asking bread guru Hollywood: “How much flavour in bread do you need?”

Co-presenter Noel Fielding gasped: “You’ve crossed the line,” as Hollywood said: “Do you want a fight?”

Fans of the Channel 4 show had been enraged at last week’s result when Mak was voted out, with many believing it should have been Rowan’s time to go then.

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But despite Rowan’s short stint in the tent, he won over a firm fan in one former contestant.

At the other end of the baking scales, Hermine wowed Hollywood this week with two soda breads so unusual that they won her the second Hollywood handshake of the series.

Hollywood told her: “This is what Bake Off’s all about...It’s special.”

Marc also had a great week with the bread challenges and was named Star Baker.

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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