Bake Off’s Ruby Bhogal on coffee, cakes and how to chill

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What’s in your coffee cup?
Today I’m drinking a coffee that I really love at the moment, and it’s part of Nespresso’s Reviving Origins collection, the Colombia flavour [Esperanza de Colombia]. It’s so delicious, and it’s got a fruity note underneath it. You can really taste how good it is without needing to add anything to it.

We’re all looking for an escape at the moment, even if it’s just through a five-minute coffee break. What’s your favourite moment of escape?
It’s a bit cheesy but between my undergrad and postgrad, I had a year out and went to New York for about four months. I maxed out a student working visa, and it was quite honestly the best thing I have ever done. It was such a life-changing moment.

What about baking, can that be an escape?
Not only are you getting a delicious cake when it’s finished baking, but it’s really great therapy for yourself. You’re present in that moment. It’s good for mindfulness because you’re just absorbed in what you’re doing right there. The hour or two you’re doing your baking, nothing else matters!

Do you like to use coffee in your baking?
Coffee is always in my baking, especially when I’m making something like a chocolate cake. It really helps to intensify those flavours as you want to make your cake rich and indulgent.

What does your coffee ritual look like?
I drink coffee because I genuinely love the taste of it. My ritual is purely that I drink it to enjoy it. I have my coffee plain black without any milk, to actually taste the flavour. I don’t add any fancy stuff!

What’s on your coffee playlist?
When I have relaxed mornings, I go for Cherry Wine by Zachary Knowles. I listen to it when I have time to drink my coffee on the roof terrace and take in the incredible view we have of London.

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