'Bake Off': See the most stunning bakes from Japanese week

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Ep6.  Noel and Matt.
Ep6. Noel and Matt.

The Great British Bake Off’s first ever Japanese week has delighted viewers with some of the most amazing bakes ever seen on the show.

Bakers on the Channel 4 programme have previously ventured into Danish and vegan creations for one-off theme weeks, but none has been as visually stunning as this series’ Japanese week.

Starting out with the classic Japanese steamed bun, the contestants presented some cute and kitsch animal-shaped filled buns including chickens, pigs, pandas and sheep.

We’re into week six now, so the level of skill is high and most of the bakers were able to make a huge success of the challenge, with Lottie and Mark enjoying a bit of friendly rivalry in a “burger off”.

However, there was one minor complaint that very few people went for an actual Japanese-inspired filling. In Japanese week.

Anyone hoping for another beautiful looking challenge in the technical wouldn’t have been disappointed by the sight of a matcha crepe cake.

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The striking bake involved layers of matcha green pancakes, strawberries and white chocolate, although as the bakers hinted, it’s possible they looked better than they tasted.

Yet again, Peter was top of the class for the technical as the bakers headed into a showstopper that was arguably one of the best to watch that we’ve ever seen on Bake Off.

Facing them in the final round was the task of baking a kawaii cake, which basically means a cake that has some sort of cute, usually character-based, design.

Pretty much all of the bakers managed something that would look absolutely stunning in any cake shop, including cartoon dogs, a cotton jiggly cake toadstool, and an upside down pineapple character all gracing the judges’ table.

However, while Mark’s avocado cake certainly looked the part, it drew disastrous reviews with Paul Hollywood labelling it “almost inedible”.

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Mark said: “He used the word inedible.

“On week six of Bake Off, that's not good, is it.”

While the theme may not have been easy for everyone, it was an inspired choice for viewers - but it remains to be seen how appealing next week’s 80s theme will be.

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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