Bake Off Professionals contestant fears their eclairs look rude

The professional bakers were tasked with making 36 coffee eclairs and several teams struggled and were branded an embarrassment by viewers.

Bake Off host Liam Charles
Bake Off Professionals contestant Nicole told Liam Charles her eclairs were looking phallic. (Channel 4)

Bake Off: The Professionals contestant Nicole was concerned by the "phallic" shape of her coffee eclairs.

The professional baking duos were tasked with making 36 coffee eclairs and an accompanying chocolate showpiece. But many of the teams struggled in the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off spin-off on Channel 4, with viewers branding them an "embarrassment."

Nicole from Balbirnie House in Fife, Scotland was convinced her and teammate Neil had produced eclairs that looked like penises.

Bake Off Professionals judges Benoit and Cherish
The bakers had to make 36 coffee eclairs. (Channel 4)

The professional bakers struggled under the time pressure with baking 36 identical coffee eclairs.

Nicole was disappointed in the shape of her eclairs exclaimed: "They are so phallic!" When host Liam Charles asked "How are we doing?" She told him: "They look like penises."

Nicole added: "They're so ugly. I knew I would eat my words if I said 'We do choux's all the time.' Let's hope they tastes good. I don't want to look at them." The phallic eclairs were too flat to fill.

And judges Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin were equally unimpressed with the shape of the eclairs. Blin said: "They look more like paninis - they are too flat."

Bake of The Professionals Nicole from Balbirnie House
Nicole from Balbirnie House worried her eclairs were shaped like penises. (Channel 4)

And Finden said: "Cutting the eclair and filling it is not acceptable. The feeling is so dense I would like something that is very silky, very smooth and very enjoyable. Let's put it this way - I will not go back for another slice."

Afterwards Nicole said she thought their efforts had been, "horrendous".

Carlos and Fausto from Real Pâtisserie also struggled with the challenge, rebaking their choux buns in the time and only managing to serve up 33 eclairs. And Kate and Hayley from Cake Ninja were also unable to fill and decorate enough eclairs in the time.

Bake Off The Professionals Neil and Nicole from Balbirnie House
Neil and Nicole from Balbirnie House. (Channel 4)

Viewers were just as disappointed with the bakers efforts, pointing out that they are supposed to be professionals in their field.

One wrote on social media platform X: "This is the professionals right ??#GBBO."

Another said: "They all look a wee bit scruffy #GBBO" One tweeted: "@GreggsOfficial have nothing to fear based on that do they #gbbo."

Someone else posted: "Omg this is a pastry catastrophe. #gbbo" And another commented: "For some teams that was nothing short of embarrassing #GBBO"

The eclair catastrophe follows a "car crash" challenge in which the bakers had to serve up a showpiece built from 160 choux buns.

Abi and Emese from The Pig
Abi and Emese from The Pig were sent home from Bake Off: The Professionals. (Channel 4)

Emese and Abi from The Pig at Combe were sent home after their illusion showpiece of an avocado plant was branded too plain and simple by the judges.

Bake Off: The Professionals 2024 airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.