'The Great British Bake Off' week 1: Cake crash, Prue's double and who went home first

(L-R) Elizabeth, George, Juergen, Crystelle, Jairzeno, Rochica, Giuseppe, Tom, Maggie, Chirag, Amanda and Freya.
'Bake Off' is back - but who has already gone home? (Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off returned to TV tonight with a dramatic cake crash, a contestant who looked just like Prue Leith, and has already bid farewell to its first baker.

Tom was the first baker out of the tent after misinterpreting a task to make an anti-gravity cake and instead presenting a slightly leaning tiered cake.

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He said: "I always have been harder on myself than I really should have been, but I'm proud of myself so that's saying something."

Tom's stay in the tent was short but sweet. (Channel 4)

Meanwhile, viewer favourite Jurgen became the first star baker for his Black Forest gateau-flavoured mini rolls and gravity-defying reading lamp showstopper.

Contestants set foot in the famous tent for the first time to be met with challenges including making a signature mini Swiss roll, a malt loaf technical challenge, and an incredible showstopper where they had to create anti-gravity cakes.

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However, Met Police detective Amanda's wave cake succumbed to gravity shortly after being judged, when it came crashing down from her bench just as Lizzie prepared to bring her creation to the judges.

There were audible gasps throughout the tent, although luckily Amanda's cake had already been tasted, while Chigs lost the floating part of his cake to gravity as it fell to the floor when he placed it in front of Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

It was Bake Off fans' first chance to get to know the series 12 contestants, who included retired midwife Maggie, 70, who bore a striking resemblance both in looks and accent to Leith.

Prue Leith found her look-a-like in Maggie. (Channel 4)
Prue Leith found her look-a-like in Maggie. (Channel 4)

Hollywood joked: "Were you separated at birth?"

And host Noel Fielding told the well-spoken pair: "I'm loving listening to you and Prue chat, I've never felt more like a chimney sweep in all my life. It's like a Dickens novel."

But Leith admitted she was already sick of the jokes about herself and Maggie, who won the technical challenge.

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She said: "I'm beginning to hope Maggie goes out just to get rid of this joke."

This series sees a number of bakers bringing influences from their and their families' home countries, including deadpan German baker Jurgen who impressed with a Black Forest-themed mini roll and was a hit with fans for his dry humour.

Noel, Prue and Paul with Crystelle.
Crystelle's flavours were a hit. (Channel 4)

Giuseppe brought Italian influence to his first bake, Crystelle introduced her family's Goan roots to her chai-flavoured cake, and George went with Greek-Cypriot flavours in his creations.

Bake Off includes a vegan contestant this year - Freya, who is the youngest baker at just 19.

She won praise for her vegan Swiss roll which used aquafaba, a chickpea water residue, in place of eggs.

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