Bald Eagle Rescued From Backyard in Western Kentucky

A bald eagle was rescued after it was found in a backyard in McLean County, Kentucky, on May 3.

Nikki Christian, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who rescued the eagle, told Storyful the bird was unable to fly when it was found. The footage shows Christian throwing a comforter on the bird as it attempts to escape by heading for the wood line.

“It actually worked out perfect because he couldn’t go any further and I was able to grab him,” Christian said. “I’ve handled several bald eagles and multiple other birds of prey so I know exactly how to handle them.”

Christian said she took the animal home and provided it with fluids and a shot of steroids. The bird was later transported to a wildlife rehabilitation and raptor center to continue its recovery. Credit: Nikki Christian via Storyful

Video transcript


Hello, buddy.

- Wow. I know I'm not able to touch him, but that looks cool.

NIKKI CHRISTIAN: Hey, love. What's going on with you? What's the matter?

- Don't know if he got a hit.


- I don't think it's avian flu, at least he's not showing that kind of sign, but--

NIKKI CHRISTIAN: So really, even with these, you don't even have to worry about the beak so much, it's these. These will take you out.

- Yeah.

NIKKI CHRISTIAN: And so any time you get them from here to here, then you can handle them all you want to.

- Should I stop recording now?

NIKKI CHRISTIAN: Yeah. Hi, buddy. I'll give you some more medicine. You're OK. All right. I'm so glad you're getting a little more lively. And I finally have some extra hands. I need to take this thing off the end of it actually. That's usually for baby squirrels. Chomping on it. You like that, don't you? Here. You're OK. Come on. You want some-- You don't want any more? Come on. You don't want any more? OK. Just give him a little sugar in his body because the thing is he was probably very--

Cat, you cannot come over here. It's a freaking Bald Eagle, are you crazy? Are you like a death cat? Do you want to die? What the hell. Come on. Take a little more, please. Come on. A little more. Usually, reactors you don't ever give them water, but I'm just afraid his glucose is like dropping. You're OK. How was that? Stupid cat. He's like, I don't even know what's going on, man.

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