Ballymena court told how woman was 'drunk in charge' of child at Co Antrim park

Ballymena courthouse. Picture: National World
Ballymena courthouse. Picture: National World

Nicole Carson, of Moorfields Road, Ballymena, came to police attention on May 31 this year, the town's magistrate’s court was told.

A prosecutor said at 3.10pm, police received a report of an "intoxicated female" in the presence of a "young child" in the People’s Park in Ballymena.

Police found the defendant in an "intoxicated state" in charge of the child. Officers could smell "intoxicating liquor" from her, the court was told.

The prosecutor said the defendant was an acquaintance of the child's mother.

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District Judge Nigel Broderick said it was a "serious matter" when a "young and vulnerable child is in the care of an adult who is intoxicated. The obvious reason is that child then could be at risk of harm".