Banish flies from your home 'without hours of cleaning' with expert's simple tip

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Nobody wants a house full of pesky flies buzzing around, but unfortunately they're all too common - especially during the summer months.

And this year, due to a milder winter, we could be seeing even more of them appearing. This can lead to homeowners desperately deep cleaning their home, removing any trace of food and locking all the windows.

But if you want to cut them off at the source and save money when it comes to cleaning and setting traps, then a very simple hack could help - and it's totally free to do.

Interior experts, CGC Interiors and Outdoor Lighting have revealed the hidden spot many flies hide and lay eggs, causing the real problem for homeowners and garden lovers.

Rob Chadwick from the company advises homeowners to “Cut the flies off at the source, which more often than not, is inside your sink pipes.”

He said: “The conditions inside a sink pipes are ideal place for flies to lay their eggs which grow into the nusiciances we all hate. But two easy solutions can be to regularly pour hot water down your drain (every 3-5 days) which will effectively clean the drains and kill the eggs, larvae and any adult flies.

"Others will recommend mixing baking soda and vinegar together, with half the soda to vinegar as a rough ratio, followed by hot water. But we’ve found that hot water is usually more than sufficient."

The company has also suggested a few other ways to help keep flies at bay this summer.

These include:

  • Planting lavender or basil in your garden, or keep potted plants in your kitchen

  • Making a mixture of vinegar and dish soap which can help you trap flies

  • Using a bin with a tight-fitting lid, and take the bag out as soon as it’s full

  • Putting dishes in the dishwasher - or wash straight away, as flies are often attracted to food that has been left out

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