Best SAD lamps for light therapy treatment

Melisha Kaur
Shutterstock / Image Point Fr

Keeping the chill off is made simple with extra layers, but tackling the winter blues is no easy feat. If you’ve noticed a change in your mood, sleeping pattern and eating habits, then it’s likely you’ve been affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a form of depression caused by seasonal light changes.

Making your environment brighter is one of the best ways to keep the disorder at bay, which is why people are investing in SAD lamps. These special light boxes are designed to treat the disorder by shining bright, cool light – which stimulates hormone and chemical levels that affect your mood. They are also home and office-friendly.

If you think you need a SAD lamp, you’ll need to choose one that suits your needs and lifestyle and ensure it is medically certified. It needs to emit at least 2500 lux of full spectrum light, so it can ideally provide 10,000 lux from a distance. Find the right one for you with our guide to the best.

Litebook EDGE SAD Light

Need one you can take anywhere? Weighing at just 130g, the Litebook Edge is one of the smallest SAD light boxes on the market that can easily fit into bags and pockets. It provides 10,000 lux equivalent light at 60cm – you can choose from two brightness settings to suit your personal needs.

To ensure comfort, this one is built with a diffuser to minimise glare. Treatment time can be as little as 15 minutes – which is half than most traditional SAD lamps. It also comes with a complimentary pair of Blue Light glasses (one-size) that are designed to improve sleep.

£149.99, Amazon, Buy it now

Lumie Brightspark SAD Daylight Light Box

Created with two bulbs, this slimline box delivers 10,000 lux at 20cm – which is bright, but not enough to cause eye strain. As it won’t take up much space, Lumie’s Brightspark is just the ticket for keeping on your desk at work. The length of treatment can last between 45-90 minutes, but a half hour session is usually enough to add a spring to your step. It’s also impressively lightweight for moving from room to room with ease.

£118, Amazon, Buy it now

Lifemax Medically Approved SAD Therapy Light

An impressively compact light lamp created with blue spectrum tubes. Unlike the LED versions, this one provides softer light to prevent spotting in the eyes and doesn’t flicker. It brightness level can be easily adjusted from low to high using the slider switch. Try it for 30 minutes in the mornings to start the day feeling more energetic.

£59.99, Superdrug, Buy it now

​Beurer Wake Up/Mood/Reading/Music Table Lamp

This colour-changing mood lamp from Beurer not only provides a choice of light colours, but also lets you stream the music on your smartphone. A selection of 10 wakeup melodies means you’ll wake up on time while feeling uplifted. It’s also a cinch to use: simply tap on its side to increase the brightness level.

£130, John Lewis, Buy it now

Bodi-Tek Desk S.A.D. Lamp

Here’s another small-sized option that can be used as a casual background light source. It provides high-intensity LED light from a single full spectrum lamp bulb – which provides more natural light than yellow tungsten bulbs, making it a great choice for bedtime reading. Its portable size means it’s also easy to move from room to room.

£49.99, Argos, Buy it now


The slimline design and great versatility of the Lumie Brightspark makes it the best lamp on our list. Its high-contrast light is intense but doesn’t strain the eyes, making it perfect for reading and keeping you alert in the office.