Banish spiders from your house with three natural amazing smelling hacks

Summer is back, and so are the spiders which are getting ready for mating season (stock image)
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Summer is just around the corner now - and while we'll all be looking forward to days spent in the garden with family and friends, we could do without the spiders that will start creeping into our homes. But if you're especially anxious about arachnids and an abundance of other creepy crawlies which come out to play in the warmer weather, fear not.

That's because Anna Louisa - a UK cleaning influencer - has some top tips to keep spiders at bay, and her home remedies are incredibly easy to create. Taking to Instagram on her @anna_louisa_at_home account, she said: "Anyone else had crowds of ants and spiders in their homes recently? The ants especially have been everywhere so I was a woman on a mission to get them out.

"These are three ways I have found have helped."

The Mirror reports that Anna first claimed that filling a spray bottle with water and 20 drops of peppermint oil works like a charm. Spiders and insects are believed to hate the minty scent, so a spray around windows and doors will keep them away. A word o warning however is that the oil is toxic to cats and dogs.

Secondly, Anna advised: "Fruit flies dislike the smell of white vinegar, so put a small bowl of it near your fruit to keep them away. I add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to mask the smell of white vinegar, but this isn't necessary. [And finally,] adding 10 drops of orange oil, water and a few drops of dish washing liquid to your spray mop is another way to keep crawling insects away too."

If using a mop bucket, Anna advises 20 drops of orange oil to a gallon of warm water - as well as a teaspoon of washing up liquid. Once again, dogs and cats should be kept away from the concoction. Anna added: "Please always research which essential oils you can use if you have pets."

And a number o people in the guru's comments section were quick to claim that they would be trying out the hacks themselves, with one writing: "Oh my god!! We have so many spiders suddenly because we've cut down some hedges! I'll be saving this," as someone else said: "Lavender also works with ants too and spiders!"

One pet-savvy commenter added: "Use Indorex defence spray for cats and dogs. It works on spiders, ants and flies too. It's made to kill fleas and dust mites. It doesn't stain, so it can be used on floors, nooks and crannies where spiders normally lurk."