Banker ‘raped drunk woman after she blacked out at his Chelsea apartment’

Tristan Kirk

UPDATE: On 23 July 2019, Andreas Wellinger was cleared of rape. For further details, see the following article

An investment banker twice raped a drunk woman he had met at a Chelsea cocktail bar when she “blacked out” at his apartment, a court heard.

Andreas Wellinger, 33, kissed the woman over drinks at Barts in Chelsea Cloisters and she agreed to go home with him at the end of the night.

But Wellinger is accused of turning “aggressive” as they kissed on his sofa, and the woman claims she remembers nothing more until she woke to find him having sex with her.

Austrian Wellinger says the sexual encounter was consensual throughout. Croydon crown court heard the woman had been drinking wine with a friend at a pub before moving on to cocktails at Barts where she met Wellinger, in July 2016.

She says she found him attractive and he bought her an espresso martini that made her feel “woozy”, and then kissed her. “I remember feeling really caught off guard, it just felt strange,” she said.

The woman said she went to Wellinger’s Chelsea home for more drinks and to “get to know each a little bit better”, adding that she thought they might have sex. “I thought there was a possibility it might happen,” she said. “But going back to his place I was not expecting to have sex.”

But she said Wellinger turned aggressive on the sofa and tried to push her head down towards his crotch area.

“I was drunk, definitely not sober at that point,” she told police. “When I felt things getting aggressive, anyone in their right mind would say I’ve had enough, I’m leaving.

“I didn’t even feel capable of making that decision… I don’t think I had the thought process to say ‘if you are uncomfortable, you should leave’.”

She added: “After that point I really blacked out,” and said her next memory was waking naked in bed with Wellinger on top of her. “I said I was in pain, I told him to stop, and I pushed myself off the bed,” she told police. She said she took a taxi home and threw up before falling asleep. The woman reported the alleged attacks a month later.

Christopher Stimpson, representing Wellinger, asked if she had been pressured by friends into going to the police and “deep down you know you had a very embarrassing and regretful one-night stand?”

She replied: “I know with absolute certainty what happened to me.”

Wellinger was arrested in 2017 and charged with two counts of rape, which he denies. He insists the woman was not too drunk to consent and denies forcing himself on her. The trial continues.