New Banksy Graffiti Appears On London Street

New Banksy Graffiti Appears On London Street

Banksy has apparently created a new piece of artwork in a London street - as builders in Australia destroyed his iconic parachuting rat.

The new graffiti shows a little boy kneeling at a sewing machine while he makes bunting that for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

The child is barefoot, with a sports visor turned backwards on his head, and his little fingers are threading the bunting through the sewing machine.

It has been suggested that the street art, drawn on Wood Green High Road in North London, is intended to highlight the disparity between the wealth and opulence of the West and the poverty - and the age - of those who are used to make the goods bought there.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a piece of Banksy artwork valued at around \$50,000 (£31,100) has been accidentally destroyed by builders.

The parachuting rat was painted about 15 years ago on a wall in Prahran in Melbourne and has been a proud fixture of the area ever since.

However, it was ruined when builders smashed a hole so that they could put new pipes into the building.

Resident Tina McKenzie told ABC News Australia: "They've sawn into the side of the building without actually saying anything.

"But then, that's builders... they wouldn't even think."

Ms McKenzie has had dealings with Banksy, and said she was going to send him an email to say a TV crew had been out to film the incident.

When asked what he would do she said: "Well, he would probably laugh that there's so much attention around something that he's just done as a part of his lifestyle every day!"