Banksy Sneaks Into School Over Half Term To Paint Kids Mural On Classroom Wall

Pupils and teachers heading back to school after half term this morning were stunned to find an original Banksy mural painted in the playground.

The secretive graffiti artist had left a spray-painting of a child holding a stick and chasing a burning tyre on the wall at Bridge Farm Primary School in Whitchurch, Bristol.

It is believed the work is a modern take on hoop rolling, a popular game played by children during the Victorian days.


Surprise: Pupils were stunned by the addition to the side of their classroom (SWNS)


Tell-tale: The artwork was signed by Banksy (SWNS)


Hoop rolling: It’s thought the artwork alluded to an old Victorian game (SWNS)

The six-foot high artwork also features a flower and a small house with ‘Banksy’ signed to the bottom left of the brick building.

Banksy left the artwork on the school after a classroom was named after him.

A note from the artist said: “Dear Bridge Farm School. Thanks for your letter and naming a house after me. Please have a picture.

“If you don’t like it feel free to add stuff, I’m sure the teachers won’t mind.

“Remember - it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission. Much love Banksy.”


Artwork: Children lined up to get a glimpse of the mural (SWNS)


Home town: The primary school in situated in Bristol (SWNS)

Headteacher Geoff Mason said the school was "thrilled” to have the Banksy and believed it would inspire pupils.

He added: “I’m sure this is Banksy’s work. We had a call from his PR team, and a letter signed by him.

"We are very thrilled about it, and it’s great for the school community.

"I’m sure it will inspire the children. The staff had to make quite a few calls this morning to make sure nobody cleaned it off.”


Elusive: Banksy is no stranger to painting murals on Bristol buildings (SWNS)


Advice: The graffiti artist also left a note for pupils (SWNS)

This is not the first time, the guerilla artist - whose work has appeared on the likes of the West Bank and in Calais - left a mural in his home city.

'Mobile Lovers’, which featured a couple embracing while checking their mobile phones, was left on the on the door of a youth club.

It was later removed by Dennis Stinchcombe, who runs the club, before he sold it for £403,000 - securing its future.

Top pic: SWNS

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