Barack Obama is building a recording studio

Christopher Hooton

Donald Trump wants to build a wall. Barack Obama wants to build a recording studio.

Barack and Michelle Obama have revealed plans for the Obama Presidential Center, a proposed three-building campus in Chicago that would house the first completely digital presidential library, a museum, auditorium, outdoor park area and a recording studio.

'Obviously the recording studio is for the kids' I hear you cry - not if Obama has anything to do with it.

The former POTUS said it will be a place "where I can invite Chance [the Rapper] or Bruce Springsteen, depending on your taste, to come here and talk about how you can record music that has social commentary and meaning."

A model of the building plans (Photo: Obama Foundation)

I can already feel an Obama-curated mixtape in the offing.

He is a big fan of music, particularly old Motown and modern R&B/hip-hop, notable favourites including Kendrick Lamar, Chance, Solange and Frank Ocean.

"It's not just a building. It's not just a park. Hopefully it's a hub where all of us can see a brighter future for the South Side," Obama said in the city where he used to be senator, adding that it will be a "working center for civic engagement and a place to inspire people and communities to create change."

The plan will take some funding, but the Obamas have pledged to personally donate $2 million toward the project.

(via Chicago Tribune/CNN)