Barclays issues £243 warning to millions of bank account holders

Barclays has issued a £243 warning to bank account holders over a rise in ticket scams. Barclays research shows that the average ticket scam victim loses £243, with men more at risk, losing £325 on average, ahead of the European Championships in Germany this summer.

The research suggests this is driven by ticket prices, with men paying more for scam tickets, as both men and women are equally likely to encounter a ticket scam. To help fans get a slice of the sporting action safely this summer, Kirsty Adams, Fraud & Scams Expert at Barclays shares her top tips for avoiding scams when buying tickets for events. She urged: "Do your due diligence. Research and read reviews to check if the site is secure and has a valid certificate.

"Investigate if the seller of the tickets is genuine, and double check the event’s website to see if tickets can be resold or transferred. Our research showed that the vast majority of people do not do additional background checks when purchasing a ticket, and this is what scammers are banking on. Taking that extra couple of seconds could save you money and heartache in the long run.

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"Get a second opinion. Always speak to someone you trust for a second opinion before you buy a ticket to a sports game. Whether that’s asking a friend if they have used a site before, seeing if they have heard of the person you’re buying from, or checking whether a resale site is reputable, before committing to the tickets.

"Be wary of unlikely offers. Many purchase scams offer huge discounts that you wouldn’t normally find at trusted and reputable ticket sites. Remember, if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stop and question why any legitimate seller would offer cheap tickets to an event or match when others are still going for the original price. Check the seller’s website and be wary of anyone asking for a bank transfer rather than a debit or credit card transaction, as legitimate sellers don’t usually do this.

"Pay with a secure method. If you are buying tickets, ensure you are doing what you can to protect the payment. Paying with a credit card, as opposed to a bank transfer or another method, means you are protected if something goes wrong. This gives you an extra safety net if your tickets don’t arrive."