Bargain Aldi hot tub sells out in just minutes after price is slashed by £100

Liz Connor

Aldi caused an online frenzy today after its much-awaited hot tub went on sale on its website.

Bargain hunters eagerly went online to snap up the £399 spa pool - and were delighted to see that the supermarket had unexpectedly slashed the price by a further £100.

Stocks of the hot tub, priced at a wallet-pleasing £299, didn’t last long, as savvy shoppers raced to secure their one of the inflatable pools.

Before 9am, shoppers were told there were only ‘five left in stock’ before the item was listed as ‘sold out’ completely.

The decadent Spa Pool hot tub has 120 jets and a powerful heater that keeps the water at bath temperatures.

The specialbuy item was particularly popular because standard hot tubs cost anywhere from £3,000 to £10,000, while retailers such as B&Q and Tesco are selling similar pools at up to twice the price.

If you’re disappointed that you didn’t manage to get your hands on one, don’t panic - the hot tubs will be going on sale in selected Aldi stores across the UK from this Sunday, April 9.