Baseball-Sized Hailstones Pummel Home in Southwestern France

A house and car were left damaged after a hailstorm struck Soumoulou, in southwestern France, on June 20.

Laurent Etchamendy recorded this video and originally posted it to Facebook. Etchamendy told Storyful it was just thunder and lightning at first, but then the hail started.

“I didn’t even think for a second to put my wife’s car in the shelter. But after 10 minutes, the first hailstones the size of a petanque ball began to fall on our house,” Etchamendy said.

Etchamendy told Storyful the hail damaged his pergola, which can be seen in the video. The footage also shows a car with large dents and a cracked windshield. Credit: Laurent Etchamendy via Storyful

Video transcript

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