Batesville Archers honored for championship

Mar. 30—BATESVILLE — Batesville Community School Corporation's (BCSC) archery teams won first place overall at the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) in Indianapolis for the Indiana NASP State Tournament this month, propelling them forward and earning their biggest win yet for BCSC.

According to, Batesville High School (BHS) finished first out of 28 teams in the Bullseye Tournament.

The Bulldogs had a total score of 3,411 with 212 tens. Not only the top female performer but the highest scorer overall, Lydia Haskamp received a score of 293 (23 tens).

"Lydia did something pretty amazing," Archery Coach Mike Weiler said. "She was the top archer in the entire tournament... She also got the honor of receiving a new bow. The top archer gets a brand new bow."

Other top performers included Lillian Eckstein and Quinten Sarringhaus, both with a score of 290, Kayden Weiler with a score of 286 and Cole Brougher with a score of 285.

Batesville Middle School finished first out of 41 teams in the middle school division. Varshath Rajesh, the top middle school performer at the competition, finished with a score of 288 (21 tens). Additionally, Grace Magee achieved a score of 284 and Gracie Doll finished with a score of 283. Each ranked in the top five for their division.

The top team in the elementary division was Batesville Intermediate School (BIS). Rebecca Siebert was honored for taking 3rd for elementary girls with a score of 270. Fellow archers Levi Trenkamp scored 268 and Bruce Li scored 267 placing them in the top 10 for elementary boys.

"A 3,600 is a perfect score and we ended up with a 3411," Weiler said. "The team we beat [Castle High School] have been the state champions for 19 years. They've only lost one year in the entire 20-year span so we were pretty proud to finally knock them off."

The archery after-school program began shortly after BCSC received a Department of Natural Resources grant to fund the majority of costs associated with teaching archery during P.E. classes. With the equipment available, Archery Head Coach and Coordinator Weiler started the after-school program in which students now compete on a local, state and national level.

Weiler is the Director of Technology Support at BHS and a Batesville native. He has always been interested in bow hunting and later began to enjoy competitive archery. He joined the BCSC faculty after tiring of his traveling for a previous job. His children were already in the Batesville School system and it made sense to work closer to home.

The archery season begins towards the end of October and students shoot through at least the state competition in March. If the students perform well enough, they can continue competing into May and June.

BCSC's first year saw 75 students competing in the after-school program. Last year's team had 244 students for its fourth season and this year's team consists of about 200 students to finish the season.

Students are split into 24-person teams based on their average scores. Scoring is based on target proximity to the bullseye. Archers shoot three inns of five arrows at 10 meters and another three inns of five arrows at 15 meters. A perfect score is 300, which would be 30 bullseyes. Scores go down from 10 (a bullseye) by rings as the arrow hits farther from the center of the target.

The next stop for the BCSC Archers is a National Tournament May 9-11 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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