Battle over Joost van der Westhuizen’s 'unsigned' will reportedly over

Conflicting reports over Joost Van Der Westhuizen's will

Cape Town – According to IOL the battle over Joost Van Der Westhuizen’s "unsigned" will is over, while according to Huisgenoot according to the battle still rages on. 

This follows months of fighting between Ferdi Hartzenberg, Joost’s attorney and Amor Vittone’s attorney, Sean Hefferman.  

ICYMI: The singer recently spoke to Huisgenoot about her money issues and to Netwerk24 about legal battles with Joost’s family. 

Amor is currently in Europe and has yet to comment. Vittone is there because her son with Joost, Jordan played in a youth football tournament and the whole family came along to support him.

Speaking about her money and woes in a recent interview on Jacaranda FM Amor said: "I think people had the perception that I was after his millions - which there isn't - I don't think there is a lot and I don't really care as long as the kids were looked after. I don't mind paying or selling my home. I don't mind renting my home and going into a smaller place. But I can't even do that because the house is on Joost's name. And that is what people don't understand."

The Juice reached out to both Ferdi Hartzenberg and Sean Hefferman. We were told by their respective offices that they were both in court and would contact us in due course. The Juice will update this article should they choose to comment.