BBC Anchor Sits in Captivating Silence While Everything Breaks Down Around Him

On Tuesday night, BBC News at 10 experienced some technical difficulties as anchor Huw Edwards sat in silence in a scene that was somehow captivating. The “Breaking News” graphic repeatedly flashed on the screen with exciting music to match, but when it cut back to Edwards, all was silent.

Edwards was seemingly aware of the problem, and at first he sat there like a stone as the camera went back and forth between close-ups and wide shots. After a while Edwards must have gotten bored with sitting still in silence because he began to draw something with his computer mouse. A little while later, he jotted some notes, or maybe he was just doodling. We’ll never know.

While this was happening, viewers had some fun with it, tweeting at BBC News to tell Edwards that he was on the air. At least one viewer tweeted that he found it oddly “absorbing.” Edwards used the opportunity to take a shot at another British television network, tweeting, “Still better than ITV.”

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